What if your mom actually said yes every time you asked to lick the spoon of cookie dough when you were a kid? We mean it... Every. Single. Time. That’s a dream come true. That’s what Crave Cookie Dough is all about: making dreams come true. (Okay, maybe not… we’re about cookie dough around here.) Really, though... let’s get down to it.

“Excellent flavors, friendly staff, HUGE portions. Well worth it. Took me two days to eat my dough stuffed cookie.”

-April Payne

 “It was so delicious! And the staff was helpful and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is wonderful and inviting.”

-Katie Heifner

It's okay to Crave

You can safely scarf down our product. Crave Cookie Dough is safe to eat refrigerated or frozen. Our mission is to provide the most satisfying product for you: our loyal customers. That could mean you spoil yourself with a large Pure Cookie Dough or it could also mean you polish-off our specialty Rainbough fetti cookie dough and vanilla ice cream shake in under a minute. Believe us, it’s happened. We’re not here to judge. Dough Life however you please.


 “It is so good! so many different flavors! my personal favorite is the salted pretzel!”

-Courtney Rita-Rae Groover

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