Hi there.

We’re Dylan and Maggie. We wanted to bring something new, unique, and special to the Springfield, Missouri area. We've always loved the idea of cookie dough, but we wanted to make it completely safe to eat. Maggie has been baking her whole life, so she knew how to make the dough safe to eat without losing the integrity of the product (pssst… it’s an egg-replacer and heat-treated flour). She whipped up four different flavors of cookie dough for a taste test the next day, and that’s when we knew we had something special. We knew the unique thing Springfield was missing — cookie dough you could eat right out of a bowl. We still have those four original flavors available year-round on our menu, and we’ve been evolving from there. We have eight year-round flavors, and a rotating mix of others. Come in and try one (or five)! We can’t wait to meet you.